At BBC Youth we live by the phrase #livedifferent. We’re passionate about trying to live Jesus shaped lives wherever we are & whatever we’re doing.

We’re open to the adventures that Jesus has for us; wherever that might lead us & whatever that might mean us doing. Most of all wherever we are & whatever we’re doing we want to make Jesus famous.

We have loads going on for 11-18’s! So if you are between 11-18 then we would love to hear from you and see you at one of our events or if you are a parent of a teenager and would like some more information about who we are and what we do we would also love to hear from you as well!

You can find our Youth Events schedule here!

Our Youth Team

Rev. Rob Stevens (Minister)

Toby Allen

Emily Blake


Anthony Bligh

Joanna Clements

Martin Clements



Matt Downey

Lucy Elias

Robyn Rapley


Katy Tugwell

Mark Tugwell

People we’re friends with:


We meet most Friday evenings during term time at 7.30pm at Bookham Baptist Church. We have an awesome time together with crazy games, pamper area, chill-out zone, some worship & some time to think about how Jesus can change us & challenge us.


Sunday’s at BBC Youth is a great opportunity to grow in our understanding of what it means to #livedifferent. We take time to go deeper into the Bible, pray for each other & think about how we can #livedifferent during the coming week & generally have an amazing time together!

The Hub

The Hub is for year 11 upwards & meets on a Monday evening as a small group. If you want to go a bit deeper & wider in the adventure of life with Jesus then this is the group for you. A great, safe space in which to worship, pray, learn & be honest with each other … while enjoying awesome hot chocolate & cake!

Youth Events

Slum Survivor: Each year we build a slum in the church car park & spend the night sleeping in it! We have a crazily large amount of fun doing it … honest! It’s just a small way for us to experience how a billion people in our world spend a lifetime. We also raise money for charities that help people break free from poverty & oppression. This year the youth will be slumming it up on the 26th October. They will be raising money for two causes – Aprender & The Epsom & Ewell Foodbank.

Soul Survivor Celebrations Watford: These take place every couple of months & are a great opportunity to connect back in with Soul Survivor, worship with other young people & receive great teaching. Check out Soul Survivor for more info.

Soul Survivor Festival: Sadly Soul Survivor has now ended, but we’re looking at alternative youth festivals, so watch this space…

Secret Santa Weekend: Around Christmas, we all spend a weekend at Church eating and sharing presents!  We also watch movies and play a lot of games!

Fireworks Night: Every year we meet up and light some fireworks off! We also have plenty of food and sparklers as well as wide games in the local park!

Day Trips: Throughout the year we have day trips, including to the beach and to Airhop, among others!

Weekend Away: Annually we organise a camping trip away in the summer for the Hub where we chill out play games and listen to that one person that always brings a guitar…


We’ve got a full on amazing youth band at BBC! The band have the opportunity to play in Sunday Services as well as special events throughout the year!  We’d love to see you join our band which meets on a Friday evening at 6 pm.

Rob Stevens