Small Group Values

All involved  Becoming disciples  Creating Community

Doing Evangelism  Encountering God

At Bookham Baptist we are as committed to small group life as to congregational meetings understanding that the two settings resource very different aspects of church life. In congregations we worship, pray, receive teaching, are envisoned and can provide fun learning spaces for our children and youth.

In small groups we have the opportunity to all be involved, bringing our gifts and skills to serve one another. Small groups are the ideal environment for discipleship, being challenged to move on with God and grow in emotionally healthy spirituality. This is done best in small groups because they create communities of honesty, openness and safety where we can love one another sacrificially and in turn show the world what our faith means to us. This gives us opportunities for evangelism both together as a group and supporting one another as we share Jesus personally. At the centre of it all small groups are about encountering God together, being healing, restored, encouraged, equipped and enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit to live the lives God created us for.

We have around 200 people meeting in 29 small groups. We meet in homes in the evenings or during the day weekly to pray together, socialise, care for each other, work out how to live God’s word, encourage one another in our daily lives and use our gifts to minister to each other. You are welcome to join a group whether or not you are a member of the church.

The groups are mostly led by two ‘Small Group Leaders’ who relate to a ‘Small Group Mentor’ and all the groups are overseen and resourced by the ‘Small Group Resource Team’ (below).

Interested in joining a group? We'd love to hear from you!

Rev Gill Hawkins

Small Group Resources Team Leader

Rev Caroline Oliveira

Small Group Resources Team Member

Nikki Watts

Small Group Resources Team Member

Phil Hawkins

Small Group Resources Team Member