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Below is a story from Kate – she attended an Alpha Course that Bookham Baptist Church ran last year.  We are running another course starting on Wednesday 18th April – click here for more info.  You would be more than welcome.

KateMcB_pic (1)A welcoming home, the sounds of laughter and conversation, hot drinks and tasty treats waiting to be enjoyed… the Alpha course had begun.
We had so many questions, but then that was why we were there – to ask, to discover and to ask some more.
I joined the course because I had a feeling I wanted God in my life; I just didn’t know how to invite Him in. There were others who were unsure whether to believe in God at all and others still who were just curious about the Alpha experience. Alpha welcomed us all, with no exceptions.
Each week, we kicked off the sessions with refreshments and a chance to chat. Then we settled down to watch an Alpha video or listen to a guest speaker. Inevitably, this generated food for thought, which we explored through discussion.
Sitting in small groups, we got to know each other better. We talked through our thoughts on life, God and the universe. There was no judgement and no pressure. We could discuss anything, or say nothing. And there was no expectation that we’d be converted to faith by the end of the course. It was about asking questions, learning what it means to be a Christian in the modern world, and discovering our own paths.
For me, the Alpha experience was a powerful one. I met wonderful people, whose stories and experiences inspired me. And I learnt about myself too. Since the course, my life has changed dramatically, all for the better. I’m on an incredible journey and Alpha was just the start.
Alpha Invite
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