Here at Bookham Baptist Church we think it’s important to make sure that meeting and sharing life together in small groups is always a priority.

As we share with one another, we grow in faith and become part of the wider church community. We are shaped in community and partners in mission and we really believe that God always intended to have people living out life together. He loves community. Of course, we are all busy and this isn’t always easy, so we really encourage everyone to join one of our small groups. Our small groups meet at various times throughout the week to encourage and support each other in everyday life and also to help us to ‘do life’ together: learning, caring, eating, praying, supporting and just enjoying being together. We have around 20 groups which are made up from our various congregations and you are welcome to join whether you are part of the church, visiting us, or just not sure whether the whole ‘big church’ thing is for you yet. I’d love to chat in more detail about them; the nights they meet and whether you’d like to give small groups a try. You won’t be disappointed! Contact : Nikki Watts – Email – Mobile – 07976389852

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